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The beef is an indispensable part of our kitchen and especially of our grill. Pork , lamb , poultry and exotic foods are just as popular, but a juicy T-bone steak or a tender Dry Aged Entrecote are something special.

The wide variety of beef varieties ranges from tender to tough, from lean to marbled. There are very big differences here. Also, the use of the various beef cuts (which piece of meat is used for what) for each dish is the prerequisite that dishes succeed well.

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Beef quality characteristics:

The dark red color and marbling are quality features of good beef. Decisive for the beef quality is also the fiber structure. This also provides information about the firmness of the meat. The beef is dependent on the breed, the rearing and the age of the cattle. The finer the fiber and the more fat is stored in the meat of the beef , the more tender this meat becomes even after preparation. Beef with a very even marbling develops a savory and exclusive flavor when roasted.
Good quality beefmust have a firmer texture compared to other meats. Therefore, the beef must be left to work before processing to be friable before preparation. Quality beef is characterized by a natural color. This is rather red – brownish – in different shades. A perfect packaging receives this red color. In good butcheries, as well as at Wiesbauer Gourmet you only get vacuum-packed beef.

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Beef quality criteria:

Gourmet beef has no or only a slight odor. An important criterion to preserve the quality of beef is proper storage. Generally beef should not be stored or stored at temperatures higher than two to four degrees Celsius. Ideal is the purchase of flash frozen beef as with Wiesbauer Gourmet. This gentle process guarantees the high quality of beef. To the CULTBEEF and TXOGITXU beef .

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Beef – the origin!

The origin of beef can be found in the respective product description and later on the label attached to the vacuum packaging. The origin of beef from grazing guarantees a special meat quality. In this type of animal husbandry , the cattle are in pasture all year round. As a result, the animals have plenty of space and can move around in their environment. The calves / young cattle usually grow up with their dams in their first year of life. Then these young cattle come into a herd of young until they reach the ready for battle.

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Beef from Uruguay:

Good, high quality beef does not always have to come from Argentina. At least as tasty is beef from Uruguay. This meat is lean and has a firm consistency. The grease cover / marbling is ideal. The pleasant aromatic and intense taste of meat comes from the natural breeding of the animals. The cattle from Uruguay only eat cereals, grasses and mineral-rich plants directly in nature. The cattle are kept on large ranges and pastures and are constantly on the move in the wide landscape. Due to the high degree of movement, the body of cattle from Uruguaygood circulation. The laws in Uruguay prohibit any use of hormones or any substances to promote meat growth. The beef from Uruguay is free from residues! In comparison, residues are common in beef from factory farming. The cattle breeds held in Uruguay are for example the world-wide popular Angus cattle or the British Herford cattle.

Especially popular from Uruguay are beef steak, beef ribeye , roast beef, veal belly, rump steak, beef steak , loin, flat rib, beef beefy  or beef tenderloin .

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Beef from Argentina:

Argentina stands for exclusive beef quality. Argentine beef is the epitome of delicious and tender meat. It stands practically as a quality guarantor for high quality beef. Far away from various environmental influences, the cattle from Argentina grow up on the pastures of the endless Argentine pampas. The pampa is a grass steppe that passes through Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. These cattle feed mainly on natural pasture grass. These grasses give beef from Argentina that special flavor.The almost infinite spout, the many movements and virtually no negative environmental influences give the Argentine cattle  ( beef from Argentina ) this special taste! 

Particularly popular is the beef from Argentina as  beef tenderloin and beef Beiried .

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Beef from Austria:

Beef from Austria is known for its excellent beef, thanks to responsible animal husbandry. There are about 2 million cattle in Austria. These cattle are distributed to nearly 74,000 farms. With 1.8 million hectares of grassland, Austria offers the best conditions for the 52 native cattle breeds. These animals offer the best conditions for delicious Austrian beef. The preferred cattle breeds are Fleckvieh, Simmental, Braunvieh and Holstein. The Fleckvieh with 78% offers the largest part of the cattle attitude. In Austria, the beef varietiesmainly divided into veal, milk veal, young cattle meat, juvenile meat, veal, beef, cow meat and bull meat. At Wiesbauer Gourmet  you only get calves beef. Calves are suckler cows that have not yet calved. Only the best pieces are offered to our customers. Simmental veal meat is considered the most tender domestic beef ( beef from Austria ).

Particularly popular is the beef from Austria as CULTBEEF TafelspitzCULTBEEF prime rib steak , CULTBEEF fillet steakCULTBEEF rump steakCULTBEEF rib eye steakCULTBEEF T-bone steak , calf Tomahawk „Dry Aged“ , calf prime rib , calf Beiried and calf Ribeye ,

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TXOGITXU beef from Spain

The Spanish TXOGITXU beef from Basque San Sebastián is revolutionizing the meat sector : Imanol Jaca’s animals graze in the highlands of Galicia and neighboring Portugal up to 20 years old! The long, natural growth is responsible for the incomparable taste. Another special feature is the yellowish fat, which is a very special highlight for connoisseurs and allowed for milk and hay! A waxy yellow layer of fat surrounds the dark red TXOGITXU  beef with its fine marbling (fat storage). This exceptional TXOGITXU steak is intense aromatic and especially tender. The TXOGITXU beef  is an absolute delicacy!

Rindfleisch - die richtige Auswahl nach Sorten

Beef – the right choice:

Choosing carefully when buying beef / shopping is very important. Basically, the most tender pieces of beef come from parts such as the back and inside of the leg. Some cuts of beef are ideal for the preparation of bsp. tender roast. From other beef cuts , juicy steaks can be cut and cooked. Among the steaks to highlight are the Ribeye steak, the T-bone steak and the rump steak, which are cut from the front back.

The stronger the muscles of the cattle were claimed, the coarser the meat fibers in the beef. Short-fibred beef requires less cooking time than comparatively coarse-grained. Another important point is the maturity process. Only well hung the beef cuts tender and juicy. At Wiesbauer-Gourmet you only get premium beef!

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Beef – the division into varieties:

If you want to divide beef into different varieties , there are three ways you can take this. The beef is differentiated according to:

  • the breed of cattle
  • Age and sex of the animal
  • the individual parts of the bovine

Each of these three categories / subdivisions makes sense. Exactly these details affect the taste of the meat immensely. Or is there no difference between Wagyu beef and Black Angus ? The right piece of meat is one of the most important prerequisites, so that the respective, different dish succeeds well.

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Beef from Wagyu beef:

Beef from Wagyu beef is pure luxury . The meat of Wagyu beef is so strong and so finely marbled like no other beef. This exclusive beef is completely pervaded by small fat wheels. These grease veins, also called marbling, make this meat of Wagyu beef so incredibly tender. Meat from Wagyu beef literally melts on the tongue.

No wonder that so many legends surround this beef and their rearing.

In reality, it may be much easier to produce the best and most tender beef in the world . The Wagyu breeders only need the best beef in the world. The medium-sized, mostly black Wagyu beef. They let these cattle graze on the best pastures. They also feed these Wagyu cattle with a special concentrate of cereals, beets and potatoes. One of the most important components of the high quality of this beef is that no drugs or hormones are used in any way during rearing.


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Beef from Kobe beef:

Kobe beef is actually meat from Wagyu beef. This beef may only be referred to as Kobe meat , if it actually comes from the Japanese city of Kobe. The very expensive price is justified by the incomparable taste.

For this you let the Wagyu beef to grow twice as much time as the other cattle. The sensational result: a wonderfully marbled meat that makes every gourmand’s mouth water. A beef that is pure luxury ! This is clearly recognizable in the incomparable taste of this beef! It tastes unmistakably exclusive!

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Beef from Fleckvieh / Simmentaler:

Does good meat / beef always have to be exotic? We think so – no way! The Simmental beef convincing example by its magnificent, spicy taste. The Fleckvieh, originally from Switzerland , is also bred in Austria and Germany. It is considered particularly juicy and aromatic. Crystal-clear alpine water, fresh and spicy mountain air and aromatic alpine herbs give Fleckvieh beef its incomparable taste.

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Beef from Angus beef:

Beef from Angus beef (Black Angus beef) stands for best meat quality. In addition to the appropriate rearing, husbandry and feeding is a stress-free slaughter and quality-enhancing maturation of beef.

Beef from Angus beef is characterized by a very short-fibred and tender meat. The Angus beef has a strong dark color, a fine and ideal marbling and a strong taste. Particularly noteworthy is the meaty expression of the individual beef cuts. These Angus cattle receive from the eighth month of life a feed based on corn. This feeding gives the meat an intense taste.

About one third of the quality of a good beef depends on the breed to which the beef belongs. Angus cattle are among the best beef cattle in the world. Beef from the Black Angus beef stands for meat quality in a class of its own. This meat is just right for demanding gourmets!

The list of different cattle breeds is almost endless. But even the cattle breed is not everything. There are marked differences in taste, whether a male castrated animal uses a young calf to prepare the particular dish.

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Beef in Austria:

Beef is still considered very exclusive in Austria . On average, 65 kilos of meat per Austrian are consumed each year. The beef content is about 12 kilos. In addition, around 2 kilos of veal per person are eaten per year. Beef is very versatile. The respective cuts of beef make the beef more and more popular. By far the most popular beef dish in Austria is the beef goulash.

The beef classification is subject to the following categories:

  • Veal: the slaughter age may not exceed eight months.
  • Young beef: both male and female animals under twelve months.
  • Young bull meat: uncastrated, male animals that can not be older than two years.
  • Bull meat: adult, uncastrated and male animals.
  • Oxen: adult, castrated and male animals.
  • Cow meat: female, adult animals that have calved at least once.
  • Heifer: mature, female animals that have not yet calved.

High-quality beef is of a deep red color and criss-crossed with white grease veins (marbling). Slow growth of beef ensures firm meat. In addition, beef should be sufficiently hung before being used. The maturing of meat is an important process, which greatly to the subsequent meat quality impacts.

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Beef – Delivery within 24 hours:

The delivery of your beef order  takes place within 24 hours, with guaranteed cold chain. The  beef  is delivered in its own cool box with special cooling batteries – for best and fresh quality! For more information,  see Shipping !